And Now We Have A Truck!

We have a horse to pull our cart!

f350 truck © Paul H. Byerly

We bought a solid 1997 F350 power-stroke turbo diesel. It’s a dually and it came with a 5th wheel hitch already installed. Some of the fibreglass add-ons are faded, but otherwise the body is great. It will need at least four new tires before we do any long hauling with it. The engine has 189,000, the new tranny has only 40,000. This rig should pull our fiver with ease no matter how we load it, and should do so for many years to come.


7 thoughts on “And Now We Have A Truck!

  1. Paul, I work at a Ford Dealership as a parts manager… I will recommend that you keep the trans fluid changed about every 30,000 miles because the fifth wheel trailer will be hard on the trans and make the fluid break down faster… We do a complete fluid exchange which pushes 16 qts. through the trans and flushes out all the old fluid.
    Any questions don’t be afraid to ask…

  2. You will like the truck. I have a ’98 GMC diesel pickup after owning a couple gas powered Chevys. There’s no comparison on what they can pull. Treat it right, and you should be able to double the mileage already on it.

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