The Wish List

The rewiring is almost done. Everything is back on a single 50 AMP power source, and we’ve reinstalled most of the removed 12 volt lights. Still need to move two of the very nice 110 volt LED lights that will be our primary lights when we are on shore power.

Paul wiring a light © Lori Byerly

We’ve come up with a wish list of things we want and need before we hit the road. Some of these are mission critical, some are not. Any advice from those of you who know any of these things is greatly appreciated!

  1. New Truck Tires Two of the six are worth having as spares, but none of them are something I want to take cross country. You ever price big truck tires? OUCH!
  2. On Demand Water Heater The existing unit works on electric, but not propane. If I can get it going on propane this moves to the bottom of the list, but given it’s age I don’t see any reason to put too much work or money into it.
  3. A New Inverter The one we have has two 500 watt peak outlets – not enough to do much of anything. A unit that can supply 1,800 watts steady should allow us to dry camp on occasion and save money.
  4. Medium Size Generator The solar cells are great, but sometimes there are clouds. I’m thinking 2,000 watt will do what we need. Full sine wave will allow us to power the computers directly.
  5. Air Conditioner I was told the existing unit does not work, no idea why. It may be a simple fix, in which case we are good to go. If not, we may put in a mini split unit.
  6. Various Truck Repairs and Upgrades It’s in the shop now for a full check out. Looking into things like an exhaust gas temperature gauge and chipping it or getting a programmer. The fibreglass add ons need a bit of repair and paint. Be nice to paint the whole truck, but the cost is prohibitive at this time.
  7. Security System Nothing fancy, just an alarm with a motion sensor and a couple of door sensors for outside compartments.
  8. Paint, Odds and Ends, and Materials for Desks and Seating We’ve got a place for two standing desks, and will be able to do most of that with what we use now. We have a plan that would allow us to seat and feed eight adults comfortably. This would allow us to be small gathering right in the RV.

A big thanks to all of you who have contributed to the above by buying us a cup of coffee


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