Progress Report

We had another work day at the 5th wheel. 

Paul fixed the water heater so it now works on both electricity and propane (a must for different kinds of camping). We also worked on both pop-outs. The bedroom pop-out works fine. The living room pop-out works, but there are a couple of screws poking out where they shouldn’t. The next time we are there we (I really mean Paul) will sand off the tips and then we are good to go.

We need one more work day to pull down the skirting and work through all the different hook ups.

our new home

We hope to bring the trailer home this coming weekend, but it depends somewhat on when we get the truck back. We took it in for a check up. It’s good and solid, but needs a couple of minor fixes (it was nice to have experienced mechanics go over it and declare it sound).

Well that’s it for a progress report.


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