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We’ve been modifying our wish list as we work through the truck and RV. We’ve found we don’t need some things we thought we did (I got the water heater fixed, and the inverter was larger than I thought, so it will not need to be replaced), and have had other costs go up (tires for the truck are more than I expected, and we need some gauges to alert us to engine problems while towing). 

Inverter and Batteries © Paul H. Byerly

We’ve also been back and forth on getting a generator versus adding to our solar power. Being able to “dry camp” will save us a good deal of money on RV parks, but necessitates having enough electricity without plugging in. We can double our solar capacity for slightly less than a generator would cost, and we won’t have the cost of fuel or as much maintenance. We also avoid the noise and hassle of a generator this way. 

Below is our current wish list. The items in bold are necessary, the rest are nice when we can do them. 

  • Six Tires: Given what we are doing, we can’t afford to skimp on this one!
  • Security System: Pays for itself in insurance savings over time, and just a really good idea.
  • Gauges for Truck: (EGT, transmission oil temp, fuel pressure). These can keep a small issue from becoming an expensive disaster. 
  • Odds & Ends: Fittings, adapters, levelling gear, safety items and so on. The RV came with some, but not all of what is minimally necessary.
  • Tire Pressure System: A replacement for the valve stem transmits information to a unit in the cab of the truck. Apparently you can lose an RV tire and not know it until it starts throwing pieces.
  • Paint Truck Trim: The fibreglass additions to the truck have some minor damage and need paint. Painting the entire truck would be nice, but it’s not in the budget.
  • 24 volt Tool Set: I have most of what we need, but some are old and all are large. A nice battery set would store easily and give us what we need.
  • Add 300 Watt Solar: Three solar panels and a second charge controller. This should give us all the power we need unless we get rain more than one full day.
  • Battery Monitor: Makes it possible to tell how much power is going in and out of the batteries.
  • 2 6 volt Batteries: This would push our stored power up so we could do a couple days of rain.
  • New Awning: We’re going to try to repair the old one, but it will be a short term patch at best.
  • New AC: I have not had time to figure out what’s wrong with the one we have; might be an easy fix, might be less costly to replace it.

Always open to wisdom and suggestions from those who have more experience!

Photo © Paul H. Byerly

2 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Roy – Still not sure on a generator. I’ve found some full-timers who do a lot of dry camping on solar only. AC is certainly limited, but not impossible, especially if you get a low power mini-split unit. I’ve seen one that runs on just under 900 watts. The other issue is not being where it’s hot AND humid. We plan to spend the hottest time of the year in Eastern Washington, where running without AC is possible.
    All that said, I suspect we will want a generator, at least sat first. Propane would be my choice, but the cost on those is higher.
    Thanks and blessings!
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  2. Go for more solar and a generator(propane). Belt and suspenders approach. You probably can’t run A/C very long if at all on battery. I am getting excited for you.

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