We’ve Been Re-Tired!

Yesterday we went and got new tires for the truck. Now it goes the direction you point the wheels, which is a nice feature! This means we now have all we need to do our first two small test trips. 

Beyond that we’ve done a lot of work in the bedroom and bathroom. It is now ready for paint, curtains, and other finishing touches. We will be able to move into the front end of the fiver this month.

Dehumidifier under the sink © Paul H. Byerly

One remodel in the bathroom was to build in the dehumidifier. Humidity can be a huge problem in RVs, and I was not looking forward to having to stow the dehumidifier every time we travelled. Lori suggested building it in, and we figured out how to do that under the sink. 

Can we call this a freshwater generator system and get a tax credit for it?


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