Our First Mini-Trip

Paul and I are planning a few mini-trips to get used to driving with our fifth wheel. We had our first one today!

To make things interesting, we decided to do some geocaching along the way (sort of like an outdoorsy treasure hunt). We’ve been reading about it and decided we would try it to see if it was something we wanted to do as we traveled.


I tangled on small rocks to have a few trinkets to share (some geocaches are large enough for items of exchange) and away we went. We found six geocaches just north of us and traded out our goodies on the larger ones. Some caches are so small they only have room for paper (where you write your name and date of visit).

We had a bit of fun, saw a lot of beautiful countryside, and tested out our on-the-road RV skills (no animals, people, or vehicles were harmed in the course of our mini-trip).




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