We’re Still Working

Hi, all,

We’ve been working on the RV and the house (for friends who will be renting it from us) over the last few weeks. We are tired, but we are making progress.

bedroom – painted, pictures hung, carpet cleaned, drawers built under bed, curtains sewn and hung (including large drape that separates the bedroom from the bathroom), ceiling vent/fan unit replaced (it died), and clothes put away (no small feat).

bathroom – dehumidifier built into lower cabinet and organizers fit into upper cabinet (I love my Dremel). Eventually I will paint the bathroom, but it’s in good shape overall, so it moves down the to-do list. I still haven’t figured out where to hang the towels and where to put the hamper.

office area – We removed an entertainment unit, stripped everything down, painted and then built a double standing desk unit (pictures soon, I hope). We have our computers up and running. We still need to do some cord control and I want to sew a curtain to cover the lower half of my desk area (which is pantry storage and paperwork I need to keep, but rarely use).

household systems – Paul has been all over, under and throughout the RV, making sure everything works. It’s fairly complicated, so I’ll let him do a post on that as he understands it far better than I do. He also built a cabinet to hold the breaker box, electrical hookups, and a coat/storage area.


kitchen – I’ve been working to organize and containerize everything (RV movement is a challenge). We’re learning to cook in a kitchen the size of a postage stamp and shop for a week at a time because the fridge is tiny. I also bought a crockpot/rice maker appliance. It replaces a number of small appliances I use in the kitchen and will save a bit of space. I actually have everything in the kitchen, I’m just still futzing with it to make storage and use easier.

sofa & dining pop-out – this area is functional, so it probably won’t get painted for a bit. I’m sewing curtains and hope to have them up later this week.

Well, that’s a basic overview. 


2 thoughts on “We’re Still Working

  1. Lori, I’m excited to follow this new stage in your life! I’ve been a long-time reader of the Generous blogs and look forward to seeing what else you will do. Thanks for all the insight and blessings you share with others. By the way, my in-laws live in Chewelah and have lifelong friends in Deer Park.

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