Day Ten: Casino Parking

The view out our door this morning is the back side of the Seven Cedars Casino in Sequim, WA.

Seven Cedars Casino © Paul Byerly

Many Casinos offer free RV parking in a section of their parking lot. They allow you to put down landing gear and stabilisers and extend pop-outs, making it much better than a Wal*Mart stay. It’s also quieter and  more secure. You usually have to check in and get a pass which you display on your dash. Allowed stays range from one night to three nights. The expectation is you will come in and spend some money, but it’s not required. You can get a nice meal for less than you would pay to stay at an RV camp.

Seven Cedars even has a few 30 amp hookups available. Our first night the batteries were low because heavy smoke limited our solar power and we had run the refrigerator off the batteries all day while driving, so we plugged in. Last night we were fully charged, so we did our first night with no hookups at all.

If you want to try Casino RVing, there’s an app for that!

Image Credit © Paul Byerly


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