Day 108: Evil Superheroes

Evil spiderman contemplates his next move

Evil Spider-man © Paul H. Byerly

Evil Hulk © Paul H. Byerly


One of the fun things about traveling is getting involved with whatever your friends are doing when you stay with them.


One friend here in Austin is part of a group doing YouTube videos. Their current series featured the evil versions of well-known superheroes. In typical cartoon villain fashion, the evil heroes bungle everything they do, ultimately being foiled by a group of “meddling kids” played by various family children.


For the newest installment, I got to play evil hulk. Not a lot of lines, but I got to grunt a good deal! It was a fun way to pass an afternoon, especially since most of the other evil heroes are long time friends I’ve not seen in a while.


Image Credits: © Paul H. Byerly


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