Day 128: Austin Needs More Roads!

This is the road in front of the private residence where we are parked. We see stop and go traffic here daily, sometimes for an hour and a half in the evening.

Traffic! © Paul H.Byerly

The road was built as a “farm to market” road. Thing is the farms have been replaced by several dozen houses each, and the road has not been widened. The cars are waiting for a light about a mile up the road. Past that they wait for a couple of more lights. To get this far, these cars came down the Interstate – which is designed for half as many cars as are using.

This all goes back to the anti-growth sentiment common here when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. The feeling was “If we don’t build roads they won’t come.” Roads were not built, but they did come. And they keep coming. Worst traffic I’ve ever seen, and I’ve driven the 405 in California! Oh well, if I can drive an RV here, I can drive it anywhere!

Image Credit: © Paul H.Byerly

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