Day 132: The Food of Home – Conan’s

When we’re in Austin we always stop at Conan’s pizza for a deep dish Savage (everything) on whole wheat.

A small savage, half peppers © Paul H. Byerly

Aside from being fantastic pizza (deep dish Chicago style), there are a lot of memories here for me. The location we visit is a block from my high school and I’ve been going there for 40 years. 

A fat slice of pizza! © Paul H. Byerly


Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

One thought on “Day 132: The Food of Home – Conan’s

  1. You too Lori! And you’re welcome. I love ridneag your blog; you always have such interesting studies a much needed blog in the world of marriage blogs.We are having Paul and Lori Byerly stay with us on Labor Day. It will be our first time meeting face to face and we can’t wait!

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