Day 191: Eatin’ Cajun Style!

The fine folk of Louisiana have some foods not even dreamed of, much lest found, anywhere else in the world. Some are good, some not so much, some are just scary. But it’s fun trying them all!

Boudin balls and Cracklins © Paul H. Byerly

Al was all about the cracklins (which are similar to but more than fried pork rinds) and fried Boudin balls. I agree, both of these rock.

Boudin King's Cake © Paul H. ByerlyCrawfish enchiladas  © Paul H. Byerly

Boudin King Cake is unique and fairly tasty.

Crawfish enchiladas sounded good as I like both crawfish and enchiladas, but I didn’t find the combination so great.

Boudin King Cake © Paul H. Byerly

Image Credits © Paul H. Byerly

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