Day 209: Miles and Miles of City Trails

Colorado Springs is all about fitness, so it’s no surprise to find a great walking/running/bicycling trail right behind our hotel. 

Pike's Peak Greenway © Paul H. Byerly

Mile Marker © Paul H. ByerlyI have no idea how long the trail is. I got on at mile 38 and walked down a mile and a half. Next time I’ll go the other way.

The trail runs along a creek, winding behind businesses, and homes and passing under Interstate 25.

Many sections have been “adopted” by various groups and local businesses that provide landscaping and irrigation, rest areas, and picnic areas. 

It was a warm day, so I was one of many on the trails. However, I did see bits of snow and ice in a few shady places, so winter is not yet a memory here.

Pike's Peak Greenway © Paul H. Byerly

Image Credits: © Paul H. Byerly

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