Day 232: A Few Days by Benbrook Lake

We’re spending a few days on Benbrook Lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control lake southwest of Fort Worth, TX.

Tree in lake © Lori J. Byerly

The lake was built after WWII and filled to capacity in a spring flood in 1957. The campground is full of beautiful big oak trees.

Oak Tree © Paul H. Byerly

The lake has been low for a good while until major rain events last year. The tree next to our RV shows the level of that flood.

Lake, RV, and flood line © Paul H. Byerly

Even after 60 years underwater, some trees still have branches poking out of the wave and providing a nice perch for birds.

Tree in lake © Paul H. Byerly

Image Credits © Lori J. Byerly & Paul H. Byerly

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