Day 270: Mist on the Water

We met some new friends at a lovely park on a lake near Raleigh NC. The rain (does it alway rain here?) cleared just before dark, and we got a nice look at the lake.

Mist on the lake  © Paul H. Byerly

Rude Geese  © Paul H. Byerly

We also saw Canada geese and squirrels.


The geese are a menace to traffic here. When we lived in Oregon the geese seemed to understand they would lose a run in with a vehicle.

Here they think they are bulletproof. Honking seems to slow them down!


The squirrels were rather bold, coming withing a couple of feet of us to grab food off the ground. One of them even took a run at a place one of the kids had left on the table. Dinner goes to the daring!

Squirrel © Paul H. Byerly


Image Credits: © Paul H. Byerly

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