Day 292: Weird Town Names

We spent a nice day in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Intercourse Town Sign © Paul H. Byerly

We’ve also been to Blue Ball (named for the Blue Ball Hotel), Bird-in-Hand, Fertility, Paradise, Smoketown, and Honey Creek.

We have not been able to visit Mars (far out!), Hershey (sorry we missed this!), Bath Addition (say what?), Climax (not near Intercourse), Echo (echo, echo, echo) Virginville (population 309), Clyde No. 3 (this is my other brother Clyde?), or Lake in the Clouds (sounds like a gravity problem).

Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

One thought on “Day 292: Weird Town Names

  1. Very cool. My husband actually found this place (when we were engaged) and joked we should take our honeymoon there :)

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