Day 298: We’ve Retired

You know those pieces of tire you see along the highway? While it was never our goal, we have now contributed to that.

Bad tired! © Paul H. Byerly

We were blessed the inner layer held air long enough for us to find a place to pull over. And we had a spare. So we retired and moved on!

Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

5 thoughts on “Day 298: We’ve Retired

  1. @Jerry Stumpf – Pulled in for lunch and saw it, so yeah, very nice.
    Of course, we blew one – as in BANG on I35 doing 70 a couple of days later. So I’ve now replaced the rest of them. The tread was still good, but at 6 years they were end of life.
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  2. @Jerry Stumpf – Actually we lost another one right after we left you. I got lazy and left the spare on rather than putting on the new tire we got there. The spare was 8 years old and didn’t make 100 miles.
    But now I have matching tired on that axel, and a solid spare.
    Thanks again for your help with the pop-out!
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