Day 317: Wall Drug Store

Last fall as we drove I-90 to the east we started to see signs for Wall Durg Store in Montana. We saw a growing number of signs as we went through Wyoming, and then massive numbers of them in South Dakota. We were tempted to stop, but we had a long day of driving and Wall was less than an hour from our start in Rapid City SD, so it was too early for lunch. We decided we would do it on the trip home.

What started as a small town drug store has taken over most of downtown Wall, and there is no way words or pictures can convey what we experienced. 

Jackalope at Wall Drug © Paul H. Byerly

If you ever drive this stretch of I-90, you must make an hour (or more) to stop. The food is expensive (but good) and the stuff in the shops is overpriced, but there’s plenty to see for free and it’s well worth your time.

T-Rex at Wall Drug © Paul H. Byerly

Take a moment to read the inspiring story of how offering free ice water 80 years ago lead to a major tourist attraction.Yup, it all started with well marketed generosity! 

Image Credits: © Paul H. Byerly

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