Day 351: Huckleberries

Yes, we’re still alive. We’re back “up the hill” where our son and his in-laws live. We’ve been spending some time decompressing and reconnecting.

Recently I got to engage in a very Northwest activity: picking huckleberries.

Step 1: Drive to the middle of nowhere. (We have an advantage on this one, as we already live there!)

Step 2: Drive up to at least 3,500 feet. (Elevation affects when they ripen, so you have to find the right level for when you go picking.)

Mountain View  © Paul H Byerly

Step 3: Find plants with berries. (I found the first berry, which was explained away as beginner’s luck.)

Huckleberries © Paul H Byerly

Step 4: Pick berries till your back hurts.

Huckleberries © Paul H Byerly

Step 5: Drive home and enjoy!

Image Credits: © Paul H Byerly


3 thoughts on “Day 351: Huckleberries

  1. Oh my goodness! I want to be there! I’d love to bake you a huckleberry pie. HB are my absolute favorite ever! And they no longer grow in NC. At least if they do they’re hard to find. Our cabin is at 4300′ so maybe if I could find a plant I could get them to grow.
    Thank you for posting – it brought back precious memories of my childhood.

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