Winter in Washington

It’s been a good while since we’ve written here. We made it back to Washington and have spent the summer enjoying family and friends. (Here’s a pic of Paul and our grandson, he loves playing with any phone he can get a hold of.)

As we planned to drive out this fall, we felt the Lord cautioning us to stop. We asked our friends to pray with us and ended up choosing to stay in Washington for the winter. We are looking at a season of writing, so practically it doesn’t matter where we park and we felt the Lord had a purpose in us being here.

It would seem this part of our journey is not forward, but outward (among friends and family) and inward (as we seek God’s presence and direction).

We had our first few flakes of snow yesterday and we are just finishing up winterizing the RV. A friend gave us a mess of straw bales that we used to create a “basement” under the RV (to protect all our pipes) and another friend loaned us a car that will make the hill in snow and ice. We are set for winter weather!  :)


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