A Mascot Change

As we planned to head out this year, Al was less than enthusiastic about the trip. He’s become very fond of the pond at our place, and now that it’s not frozen over he’s ready to be king of the pond again.

So Al is staying behind and Jackie (Jacqueline actually, but she goes by Jackie) the Jackalope is coming along to be our mascot. Jackie snuck aboard the RV last year when we visited Wall Drug. (The Jackalope in the picture there is her much larger cousin Jack.)

I got this picture as Al was giving Jackie some advice for living on the road. We will miss you Al, don’t eat all the goldfish!

Day 366: ONE YEAR!

A year ago today (366 days since this is leap year) we pulled away from our house in Deer Park and the Generous Journey officially began. What a year it’s been!

We’ve mostly been hiding out in Eastern Washington, resting, connecting with friends and family, and doing what needs to be done to get back on the road in October. But we did take a road trip to the upper reaches of Washington with our son, our daughter-in-love, and the world’s cutest grandchild. Among other things, this allowed Lori’s dad to meet his great-grandson.

Four generations © Paul H. Byerly

We also snagged a couple of geocaches and hit a farmers market.

We be farmin' © Paul H. Byerly

Al didn’t accompany us on this trip – he couldn’t get off work. He’s got a summer job as a bouncer at a local animal hangout. As none of the critters here have ever seen an alligator he’s a bit of a celebrity.

Al telling a hedgehog he's had enough  © Paul H. Byerly


Image Credit © Paul H. Byerly

Day 321: Full Circle

Nine months after we left Deer Park, Washington, we’re back. Lori was happy to home!

Lori hugging sign © Paul H. Byerly

Our first stop was Classic Cafe, our local coffee shop.

Classic Cafe © Paul H. Byerly

Al wanted to try my waffle sundae. He thinks he’s going to like it here.

Al with ice cream waffle © Paul H. Byerly

Image Credits: © Paul H. Byerly