Virginia “where’s the beach” Beach

We made a short side trip to Virginia Beach last week so we could say we have stood in all three US oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coast). Jackie was excited about finally seeing the ocean.

The problem was actually seeing the ocean! We are used to wide open beaches with people here and there. At 2 PM on Friday, Virginia Beach was packed with people and vendors. 

But at least you could go into the water without danger of hypothermia, unlike back home. 

Image Credits © Paul H. Byerly

It’s Saturday, Go Fishing

Last time we were in Grenada MS I mentioned I hadn’t been fishing since I was a teen. So this trip my friend Tom made a point of taking me fishing in his favourite pond.

It's Saturday, Go Fishing

That’s the fish I caught on my second cast. It was not the biggest of the day, but it was the first.

Image Credit © Paul H. Byerly 

Painted Hills

A few days ago we took jumped off the Interstate in South Dakota. The picture below does not begin to show the layers of colour in the hills along our route.

Next time you drive, look at alternate routes and see some of our beautiful country!

Image Credit © Paul H. Byerly