geomap3Paul and I have started geocaching. The map shows the states where we have found caches.



As a part of the fun, some caches have enough room to exchange goodies (leave one, take one). Here is a gallery of the tangled rocks we have left for others to find and enjoy.


patterns: antz & axlexapatterns: coaster, dl nebula, dooleedo, eddy,
fern, fricle, florz, flutterpie, mr. e, & paradox


patterns: birds on a wire, box spirals,
girlande & antidot
patterns: bridgen, 8 dot centerpiece, antidots
& bluebonnets


patterns: rain, lanie & lichenpatterns: heartvine, triadz, & tipple


patterns: hypnotic, antidots, amoeba, mr. e,
btl joos, frillee, axlexa, lazly eights, paradox
patterns: ann, fern, fricle, furr ball, henna
drum, lanie, lava juice



4 thoughts on “Geocaching

  1. Lori, what brand/model of white pen do you use dark rocks? It looks great! Do you do more than one ‘coat’ of white? There is/was a geocache spot right outside my back door (my home boarders a public park). Did you geocached in Portland, OR?

    • Hi, Pegi,
      I’ve tried a number of pens. Rocks tend to rough up gel pens and they only work so long. Right now I’m using white Sharpie paint pens and black microns. I only need one coat of paint and they both wears fairly well. I do cover everything with a couple of coats of ModPodge. (Sorry, we didn’t make it to Portland on our last trip to Oregon.)

      I’ve also used a white charcoal pencil and it did OK for highlights and such.

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