Where We Are, Where We’re Going – 2015/2016

map keyBelow is our tentative schedule for the first half of 2016. If we will be close to you and you would like to meet with us, or have us speak, use the contact form at the right.

We are willing to change our route some, especially on locations showing a yellow pin.

Check our page on speaking, for information on what we do.



35 thoughts on “Where We Are, Where We’re Going – 2015/2016

  1. Can you email me or tell me where can I find details on your speaking engagements? You’re going to be fairly close to my hometown.

  2. BW – We have dear friends in Boston and it grieves me we will not make it even that far this year.
    There are some challenges for a very large RV in your part of the country, so it would take a lot more planning and likely cost a bit more.
    We’ve talked of doing the fall colour there one year. Start in Maine and work our way south.
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  3. This is by no means a knock on you two fine people, but I see constant maps of where some of the Christians are going that I follow online (conferences, bloggers, pastors, healers, etc) and New England is constantly not on the plans. My pastor said it’s the least evangelized place in the country (specifically the Boston area especially where less than 3% identify as evangelical). It’s called the church planter’s graveyard where most plants fail within 3-5 years. Conferences thus can’t gather enough of a crowd to come there without big connections. Please keep us in your prayers.

    Traveling cross-country sounds so cool and a blessing to faces to names. Maybe DW and I can do it some day. :)

  4. Paul, I see you are in Kansas City for over a week in June. Are you visiting friends/family or are one/both of you speaking at a conference/event while here? If the later, is the event public such that you can send a link to it?

  5. Just to let you know, I’m trying to see if our church can do a seminar or workshop. Waiting for ch. secretary to get back fm vacation to start things. Do you have any promo material they can see?

    Wife & I would love to meet up, sometime during that week.
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  6. I have become an avid reader of the various Byerly blogs. Married 33 years. Usually pretty good, yr.5 awful, but always with some soul-ache for deep intimacy missing in our respective love languages. God has opened a season of focused growth. Found your blogs. Would love to meet. Put you up. See if I could connect you to or help set up a speaking gig in Lynchburg, VA.
    Stephen – missionary professor, mentor-coach

  7. Is there a specific place you plan to visit in PA in May? Love to connect if possible but was hoping for someplace a little closer to DE like Lancaster as my wife and I camp there quite often.

  8. @David – Been in the DFW area a couple of days as of today. Have had a few meetings with friends and fellow marriage ministers, but nothing public. Have to be in Austin this weekend for a gathering.
    I do expect to be back in the spring – end of March or early April.
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